30 hours of autonomy

Discover the principles that make our battery powered light so unique:

1. Exceptional quality

Each component and each material has been carefully selected with its durability in mind.
TOUCAN is mainly made of a noble and living material, chestnut wood. We use this wood for its natural durability. It’s resistant to insects, bad weather and humidity. It is the French species that ages best outdoors, without any preservation treatment.
Did you know that? Chestnut wood contains tannin which acts as a repellent, especially for spiders who will never weave their web. Very practical for arachnophobics :D.
One of our biggest challenge has been to develop a reliable and durable power system. Our batteries have been selected very carefully to meet our quality requirements, so we are pleased to offer you a light equipped with a powerful and durable battery.
Due to their reliability, these battery cells are generally found in electric vehicles.

2. Uncompromising autonomy

TOUCAN will bring you a warm light for 30 hours on a single charge.
It is equipped with a 10000mA/h battery, so you can use it wherever you want.
You can carry it everywhere: on your balcony, your garden table, in a tent… In fact, TOUCAN will follow you everywhere, indoors and outdoors, for your everyday occasions as well as your big celebrations!

3. Eco-responsibility

TOUCAN is made of solid chestnut wood from a french sustainably managed forest.
We are proud to offer you a product made exclusively in France.
All our components (except for the batteries cells and the leds, unfortunately…) are also made in France. We select and assemble all the elements of TOUCAN ourselves.
We hardly produce any waste and all our wood scraps are recycled.
No environmentally harmful products are used in our development and design processes.
The shipping packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. The protection paper is compostable and disintegrates in a compost bin.

4. The simplicity

Simply charge it with its USB-C cable and it will follow you in all your adventures.
Vary its intensity from 0 to 100% with its rotary switch and it will shine from head to feet.
(The USB-C cable is included with the light)

5. The perfect waterproofing

Water resistant: droplets will drip on its wood without penetrating it.
Take it outside without any question.
TOUCAN is protected by a long-lasting, totally natural ecological wood treatment. It offers a water-repellent effect and a protection without harming the environment.
Its rotary knob and USB charging plug are also water resistant.

6. Unique customization

 Each TOUCAN luminaire is unique, give it even more value by customizing it.
Choose between four different colors: Natural chestnut, amber chestnut, zebra chestnut or purple chestnut.
We propose you to inlay your logo, your name or a word on the front of the lamp!
TOUCAN is also made for your restaurant, your store, your company etc…

7. Handmade

All of our TOUCAN lighting is handmade and handcrafted.
At the heart of our mission, a manual and meticulous work will guarantee you unique pieces. Each of our creations is by nature original and has received personalized attention to reveal its amazing character.

8. Warmth and coziness

Our exceptional lamp brings to your lifestyle a little piece of nature and a warm atmosphere.
By supporting our project or by purchasing a TOUCAN light, you can help the evolution of our french, independent and ambitious workshop.



499€ TTC

Dimension : h.26 x l.14 x p.14 cm

Solid chestnut wood, first quality

Splash resistant

Voltage : 3.7 Volts

Dimmer and integrated switch

Light color – 2700K (warm yellow)

A full charge will keep the lamp illuminated for ± 30 hours

Charging time : 3 hours

USB C rechargeable battery (cable included)