Solid wood:

Each component and materials have been selected with care and passion with an objectif of sustainability.

These include, among others, him eco-certified solid wood PEFC, which guarantees the origin of an eco-responsible and French forest.

A respect for the planet without flaws.

No products harmful to the environment are used in our development and design processes.

Our lights are lightly tinted and protected by a locally produced linseed oil that is completely safe for our environment.

Our solid woods are drastically selected to ensure their provenance. We only work with French short circuit timber.

Luminaire à poser en bois de chêne massif-Table lamp in solid oak wood Horizon


Our lamps are handcrafted with the greatest respect for woodworking traditions.

Each piece is unique and reveals an impressive character.
This unusual lighting will brings a magnificent piece of nature to your interiors.

Control the light.

Horizon reinvents domestic light to make it even more authentic.

Our lamp offers you an atmosphere as well as a soothing and natural light, of variable intensity according to your mood.

Change the light intensity and control the switch directly from the lamp base, everything is integrated and invisible, goodbye unsightly external boxes!



Size : h.30 x w.30 x d.23 cm

Solid oak wood, first quality

Voltage : 220 Volts or 110 Volts

Led bulb 5 Watts, 600 Lumens (offered with the lamp)

Dimmer and switch integrated in the base

Power cable braided in natural hemp with a length of 1.5 meters